Performing CPR on Children and Infants

Performing CPR on Children and Infants
October 14, 2019 Gabby Mendoza

Statistically, 4 out of 5 cardiac arrests will occur at home. The person you will most likely have to perform CPR on will be an adult or a child/infant in your household. Over 90% of deaths due to a foreign object obstruction will occur in #children below the age of 5-years-old and about 65% in infants. In infants, liquids are among the most common causes of choking.


CPR is not only necessary for object obstructions but for other emergencies like drowning, suffocation, smoke inhalation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


We know it may be scary to perform CPR on a child or infant but it is important to start CPR as soon as possible because it will increase the chances of survival. Keeping an active blood flow provides an opportunity for resuscitation once EMS arrives.


It is important for everyone to get CPR trained in order to be prepared in case of an emergency. Children as young as 9-years-old have been able to perform CPR and save a life!