Crossfit coach saves pilot's life by performing CPR

Crossfit coach saves pilot’s life by performing CPR
November 27, 2019 Gabby Mendoza

Jordan, a crossfit coach, saved a pilot’s life in Grapevine, Texas.

After his workout, the pilot collapsed in the crossfit gym due to sudden cardiac arrest. Jordan fetched the AED while calling 911 and yelling for help. The facility’s physical therapist, Dr. Matt Taylor ran to help Jordan and assess the victim.

He had no pulse and was not breathing.

One shock was delivered and two rounds of compressions and rescue breaths were given before the victim became responsive.

This story is proof that acting quickly and effectively can save a person’s life. Receiving appropriate training in CPR can help prepare you in crucial moments like this one.

It is important to know that we must always assess the scene before trying to help a victim of cardiac arrest. Don’t put your safety, or anyone else’s, in danger if the scene is not safe to approach or has become unsafe.

The Chain of Survival according to the American Heart Association.


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